Japan: Tokyo {Pt. 3}

TL:DR Tokyo was an overstimulation of the senses.

I was in Tokyo for about 3-4 days, which I don’t think was enough. This post is definitely going to be mostly of what I ate…what’s new.

If you ever have the chance, definitely go to Kyoto and Osaka before going to Tokyo. Anyways, Tokyo was just incredible. If you think New York is crazy, Tokyo is like New York on steroids. The plethora of people, the bustle of the city, and the endless transfer of trains is mesmerizing yet a little frightening, especially when traveling solo. But you just take a deep breath and just immerse yourself in the country.

Day 1: After my trip from Kyoto, a few friends and I decided to go to Shibuya and see all the madness that takes place there. Madness was an understatement. Holy shit, there were so many people that were crossing the street in many directions, people stopping to take photos, there was even a fashion shoot going on.

Shibuya crossing was definitely something everyone should experience.

The first dish I had in Tokyo was none other than curry. And it was divine. Maybe because we didn’t eat all day but that’s besides the point. It still was amazing.

Day 2: I decided to venture out on my own while my friends went to Tokyo Disney. I ended up going to the Tsukiji market, which was amazing. As a foodie and sushi lover, this market was a dream.

There were many good stalls and people trying to get you into their market/food stall/restaurant. It was chaotic yet symphonic. I mean, where else can you get a bag of calamari?

This was so good. In addition to a bag of calamari, I decided to go into one of the food stalls for lunch. And this is what I got:

Ugh, it was heaven. My stomach is growling just by looking at this photo. It was the freshest salmon I’ve ever eaten. That egg though…was everything. I advise you to definitely take a trip to the Tsukiji market.

After the market, I went to one of the shrines close by and just took in the culture.

At night, I ended up going to the Mori Museum to take in the Tokyo view as well as see some art.

Day 3: This day was pretty tiring. I ended up going to Fuji Q, which is an amusement park around Mt. Fuji. It also houses the steepest rollercoaster in the world. As an adrenaline junkie, ventured towards Mt. Fuji and go on this rollercoaster.

It was raining so not all the attractions were open but it was still pretty fun. This day definitely made traveling solo a little bit lonely but I made the best of it.

Day 4: Surfing

My trip to Japan was anything but ordinary. It definitely put me out of my comfort zone. Traveling for two weeks by yourself can get lonely but it allows you to experience the world in a different way. I’ve become more open and more confident in traveling by myself.

All in all, this was a trip of a lifetime.

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