Japan: Kyoto {Pt. 1}

TL;DR: I fell in love with Japan.

Japan has been on my list of places to explore. It’s definitely one for the books.


I’m going to do this in two parts because there is so much to talk about and so many pictures to show you guys. When you hear of this country, you think of anime, food, and cuteness overload.

The first city that I visited was Kyoto. This town is filled with rich history. It’ll pull you into the serenity of the shrines.

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is probably the most famous shrine in Kyoto. It is lined with the these orange red columns. I ended up going in the afternoon for the first time and it was pretty packed. So if you’re wanting a picture of just the columns and no one else, going there around 6 am is suggested. Trust me, I did it after a night of drinking and it was still worth it.

It is a bit of a hike as this shrine was built on a mountain. Definitely bring some shades and a water when hiking through this amazing shrine.

If I had to pick a favorite shrine, it would be this. It’s a must see when going to Japan.

The next part of Kyoto that I loved was the food stalls. There were so many good af food places. It was a foodie’s paradise.

There were so many things to try. I decided to get small snack throughout the day so that I may be able to eat everything.

The most memorable stand was this walk up that served steak nigiri. The steak was wagyu beef and was placed on an edible plate. Which to be honest, I may have enjoyed the plate a little more than I should.

Other than the food, the shrines and temples were definitely the highlight of Kyoto. I wish I stayed a bit longer to explore the bamboo forest and other attractions, but I had Tokyo, Osaka, and Nara to explore.

All in all, Kyoto gives you the feeling that you’re in the ancient times of Japan. As I said, I would stay in Kyoto for another week to just explore everything.

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