Dogsledding in Sweden

TL:DR Go dog sledding

When you’re up in the Arctic circle in the middle of November, what do you do? Well, nothing really…jk. We ended up going on a dog sledding tour and it was an unforgettable experience.

I am a dog lover, like no other. Dog sledding was something that I’ve been wanting to do. I wanted to see all the cute dogs and their enthusiasm for running. We ended up booking with Lapland Wilderness Tour. Before you jump to any conclusions about using animals as a tourist attraction, this tour company treats their dogs with the same respect as their fellow cohorts.

Anyways, the tour was in the morning and ended around lunch time. We met the driver at our designated location. Just driving towards the dog sledding tour was already a precursor to what we were about to experience. It was so picturesque and serene. The trees were covered in so much snow that it looked like those trees from a Dr. Seuss book.

Once we got to the dog sledding area, they equipped us with heavy duty snowsuits and boots and gave us a tutorial on how to sit in the sleds.

But before we headed out, we got to pet the dogs and play with them a little. Each one had a different personality and it was so cute to see them interact with us and with each other. Once everyone got dressed for the occasion, we got on the sleds getting ready to experience what I never could’ve imagined.

Before we headed out, the dogs were definitely excited. They were barking and jumping around because they were looking forward to what they love and do best, which is running. When we started our trek through the wintry forest, it was actually pretty peaceful. I can’t describe in words how magical it was. So here are pictures.

The whole tour was about 2 hours long. We were on the sled for about an hour or so and then we stopped midway at a cabin ton have some coffee and pastries. This was also my opportunity to pet all the dogs as much as I can.

Making the decision to go dog sledding was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. If you ever have the chance to go that offers dog sledding, definitely do it.

All in all, go dog sledding!


3 thoughts on “Dogsledding in Sweden

  1. Great post. Did You ever think that Finland offers better experience? It is unique in the whole World and it is once in the life time experience!

    You can participate in a reindeer race, which free and open for everybody. Keep in mind that there is big difference between the words ride and race:

    Reindeer race

    Happy and safe travels!

    1. We didn’t factor in Finland when we were looking to go to the arctic circle. But those activities sound super fun!!

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