Sweden {Pt. 1 Stockholm}

This is long overdue but, TL:DR Sweden has a variety of activities, whether it’s going museum hopping or exploring the arctic circle.

Sweden took my breathe away. This trip was a mix of the Swedish city life and the arctic adventure that happens only in the north.

The boy and I went during Thanksgiving and let me tell you, it was super cold. Coming from New York, you would think that we would be used to it. It was kind of a shock for us. We landed into Stockholm and had a day there to explore the city.

Before I get into what we did, I would have to say that the public transportation is a lot nicer and cleaner than New York. But I guess that’s true for other countries that have a public transportation system that wasn’t built in the early 1900’s.

So here is a walk through of our itinerary throughout the week.

We landed in Stockholm and stayed around the Sodermalm area. This area was pretty lively and had some great restaurants and bars. It was also super close to the train station and easy to get to from the airport. We arrived somewhat around 5 pm so we decided to look around the neighborhood. The first place we visited was this small cafe that had a lot of Swedish pastries. I wanted ALL THE BREAD. We ended up with just one pastry though…womp womp. But it was still delightful and just what we needed to hold us over for awhile.

We then explored the downtown area. Since it was getting late, a lot of the shops and restaurants were closed. So, we just walked around looking at the architecture and the cool alleyways.

The next day, we were headed to Kiruna, Sweden. This is going to be a separate post as this was a whole adventure in and of itself.

Once we got back to civilization, we had one more night to explore Stockholm. We made it a goal to at least get some Swedish Meatballs. The restaurant that we chose to go to was  Meatballs for the People. Let me tell you, these were way better than Ikea meatballs. I mean, I like Ikea’s meatballs, but these were just on another level.

After some dinner, we went to Fotografiska which is considered to be a museum that is open late night. But, it’s really a museum of photography. As someone who enjoys photography, I found this museum to be interesting and made me think about different perspectives of photography. I didn’t get many photos in this museum…not sure why though. But there was an exhibit of photographs taken through x-ray machines. Some of those were photoshopped, but it was incredible to look at the details of the picture and be amazed at the work that was put in. The artist name is Nick Veasey and you can check his stuff here.

Oh and we went to a bar that’s Viking themed and served mead.

All in all. Stockholm was super fun and it was a short time that we stayed there. I wish I had more time, but part 2 of Sweden is to come and we’re going up north!



2 thoughts on “Sweden {Pt. 1 Stockholm}

  1. So cool to see your photos Nadine 🙂 Gamla Stan by night is still colorful eheh miss this city! Stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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